INDECIS Data portal

This section links to the datasets used by INDECIS

Daily station data

INDECIS develops a few datasets for non-commercial research and education. These data are station records from the European National Meteorological and Hydrological Services, as hosted by ECA&D, quality controlled and homogenised versions of this dataset, a dataset with recovered data in the INDECIS DAta REscue efforts, and a global dataset with high-resolution wind measurements from tall wind masts.

1. Daily station data (station locations map)

2. Quality Controlled station data (expected July 2019)


3. Homogenised station data (expected July 2019)

4. Recovered station data
Rescued dataset (station locations)

Wind mast dataset (station locations)

Gridded data

INDECIS uses E-OBS dataset (ECA&D derived) and will use ERA-5 (ECMWF) reanalysis as soon as it becomes available to compute the gridded version of the indices

1. E-OBS
Gridded datasets of 136 sector-oriented climate indices